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We provide those extra hours every client needs in their day with customized and personal services.   From running errands and shopping, organizing, wait services, to event planning (and more)!  For those that are living in Jerusalem, to those living abroad and want help before their arrival or to surprise your loved ones in Israel.

We help anyone; the busy parent, senior, homebound, small or large businesses.

Our extra pair of hands will give you the time that you always wanted.  What will you do with your extra hours?

Consider your To-Do list done!

Elisa 053-922-7826

Don’t let your errands run you, let us run them! Osher Ad to Ikea; dry cleaner to post office.

No more standing in line! Deliveries and pick-ups, we can get your shopping done for you.

Setting up your new home, we are your helping hands.

We can help you plan the life cycle event you always envisioned!

Confused? Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to find something? We have been there and can help you!

Need someone on the ground before your arrival? You can’t be here to do it yourself? We are your feet on the ground.

No time to spend on your computer or phone comparing prices. We can help.

Away for the day? Your loved one is in good hands.

No time to wait? We can be there.

Elisa Helman

Chief Concierge

Elisa is a native of Danvers, Massachusetts and a graduate of Brandeis University.  In her pre-aliyah life she was involved in theatre; Elisa worked for Spoletto Festival, Long Wharf Theatre and Brandeis University Theatre on hundreds of production, she is also the founder of The Five Star Theatre Company. Elisa made aliyah in 1997, and soon began introducing Israelis to balloon culture.  After 20 years of decorating for simchas, wholesale and education with balloons, Elisa saw the need for her organizational and creative skills.  Elisa is always the go to person if someone is looking for a modern arts tour guide, where to buy a certain item and she decided to put it to use. 

I turned to Leave it 2 Us to help us set up the Kiddush for my son's bar-mitzvah. They were amazing: with their methodical and practical questions beforehand, they set my mind at rest; they were at the synagogue even before we arrived on the morning of the bar-mitzvah, ensuring that everything that was needed was in place. And then when we finally emerged from the emotion of the ceremony, we found everything beautifully laid out with an aesthetic flair, and Elisa elegantly serving glasses of wine to our family and friends. They are an absolute delight.
Leave it 2 Us took responsibility for setting up the kiddush for a shabbat chatan for our son. From the moment they came on board with their creative ideas, sensible advice and outstanding organizational talents, there was nothing for us to do and no reason to worry. Everything was fabulous.
I am not sure what I would have done without the wonderful help I had from Leave it 2 Us in reorganizing! They managed to sort out the difficulties with banking, (a real challenge here), help get my payments down with a few companies, help with the huge amount of paperwork for my business, save what needs to be saved while helping me learn how to do things I couldn't do on my own. They also managed to teach me how to do things on the computer that I never knew how to do, all the time building my confidence and skills. The aggravation and anxieties that I didn't have to deal with, the Hebrew papers they deciphered for me, and the sage advice they gave me, was well worth the money I paid.

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Our phones are open from 8 am - 8 pm, if you can not reach us, please leave us a message and we will get back to you you within 24 hours. Please feel free to SMS or send an email at any hour!

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